Joëlle Flumet

Born in 1971 in Geneva, she lives and works in Zurich since 2012.
She studied at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Geveva and obtained her diploma in 1996.
Mixed-medias artist, Joëlle Flumet makes sculptures, installations, public space projects, video animations and vector drawings that led her to work occasionally as a free-lance illustrator.
The main target of her works is the information society both relieving and creating the ambient schizophrenia which consists in giving up materialism while proposing (material) ways of achieving it. Joëlle Flumet’s work is a strong allusion to discomfort and refers to the gap between reality and models. With humor and irony, drawings and sculptures are telling us about usefulness pushed to its limits.

    Pink bag
    Pink bag

    2023 – 3 plastic bags, white or black box frame – 30 x 30 x 5 cm
    Edition of 5 + 1 e.a.


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    Mr. Green

    2023 – 3 plastic bags, black or white box frame – 30 x 24 x 5 cm
    Edition of 5 + 1 e.a.


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    Nur der grüne sack
    Nur der grüne Sack

    2020 – Digital print on PVC 500g/m², eyelets, black stretchers – 200 x 150 cm
    Edition of 3 + 1 e.a.


    Mr. Green or the art of delegating thankless tasks.

    Whether in the form of drawings or ready-made, the pieces of the ‘Mr. Green’ series address the questions of recycling and of a defective ‘virtuous cycle’. Joëlle Flumet meticulously observes the individual or economic ruses used to deal with the exponential production of waste, from its initial conception to its final recycling.

    Mr Green, a start-up founded in 2010, based in German-speaking Switzerland and active in the regions of Zurich, Winterthur and Basel, is a fine example of this art of delegating domestic tasks and services one can obtain by clicking on the Internet:

    _ Subscribe to a recycling service which takes care of collecting and sorting your domestic waste ‘by hand’.

    _ Save time filling your trash bags without bothering to sort the waste. Just leave them on your doorstep.

    _ Delegate this task to people who are disabled, or have disability insurance at less than 100% or who are socially vulnerable, i.e. who are part of a ‘professional reinsertion’ programme.

    All this in ‘subsidised’ collaboration with the Brühlgut Foundation (Winterthur), which supports and encourages disabled persons in their life paths by offering them jobs, apartments and care. The posts offered with Mr. Green do not appear on this Foundation’s website, unlike other more rewarding jobs.

    (Websites: / www.brü


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