Isabelle Klaus

Isabelle Klaus (CH) graduated from the ESAV (HEAD) in 1998. In 2011, she is artist-in-residence in Cairo (City of Geneva) and in 2012, her installation/performance Paraboles presented at La Viennoise is supported by the FMAC.
She lived in Cairo until 2013 where she co-organizes the collective exhibitions Le Caire mon amour. In 2019, her duo exhibition Le Caire mon amour (with Anne du Boistesselin) is presented at Halle Nord. In addition to her personal work, she favours collaborative projects. Her work has been presented in Geneva, Bern, Marseille and Cairo. Whether through the use of mediums such as painting, photography, video, the ready-made or installation, her pieces question female stereotypes, address questions of cultural belonging and their aesthetic canons, while questioning the reliability of the gaze.

    Sweety #domestic

    2021, series of 4 prints

    Nail polish, colorFix, Arches paper – 65 x 50 cm each


    Made with pink nail polish, Sweety is a pictorial proposition that questions the elementary components of painting.

    Each imprint is unique and accomplished for itself. Blank space between the marks is thought in its relation to the support.

    The monochromatic pink used for this piece stem from the cosmetic industry and is a stereotype of female seduction.


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    2012, triptych, ed. of 3 + 1 AP
    Digital print under 4 mm acrylic glass – 26,7 x 40 cm each


    This photographic triptych forms a series that links together formally while suggesting a narrative dimension.
    The shots were taken in Siwa (Egypt), a border region with Libya where trafficking takes place in the desert. The focus is on the abstract foreground. Through the pink-filtered window of the 4×4 during a sandstorm, a veil is placed between the main subject, the men wearing their keffiyehs, and the artist.


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    2013-2020, series of 4 paintings – Basile, Boris, Nathanaël, Tareq

    Waxed tape, hair, Arches paper, glue, frame – 43 x 33 cm each


    In the spirit of contemporary ethnographic research, Habiby is the result of a performative act: a rectangular area of hair is removed from the calves of four men using strips of depilatory wax.
    Glued on Arches paper and framed, these eight hairy strips, whose aesthetic reminds us of engravings, are presented as typical samples of male hair.


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