Abigail Janjic

Abigail Janjic (1989, Stockholm) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Geneva.Her studies have led her from Geneva to Stockholm – officially in textile design – and then to Lausanne.

Janjic creates environments where the second dimension fills the physical space. Often changing form, the images she paints, scans, cuts out or prints appear as a constantly moving flux. In a coloured profusion of forms and materials, her artistic aesthetic borrows as much from the world of pop and advertising than from historical abstraction. Her works emerge from many different cross-pollinated processes, that she subjects to elements taken from reality, and which are then recomposed. Gabrielle Boder / Art Historian / Curator

Lately, the artist has integrated dance into her work, taking her research even further, through questions relating to the ephemerality of the gesture or the intensity of the body. In April 2022, a sculpture project is planned on the Place Sturm in front of the dance pavilion as part of the heart @ geneva project.

The artist exhibited in Stockholm (Galerie Larspalm, Supermarket Art Fair, Konstfack), Berlin (Espace ZQM) and in Geneva (Salle Crosnier – Palais de l’Athénée, Centre d’art contemporain, Body & Soul, Ferme de la Chapelle, BIG, àDuplex, TOPIC, Le Labo.)


    2017 – scan printed on artificial silk and stretch on canvas – 135 x 80 cm


    Abigail Janjić has been tracking and playing with images for over ten years. Whether she is painting, scanning, cutting up or printing, she challenges and confronts us with her collages, using this elusive, shapeshifting, pseudo-evidence that is the image. She create visuals directly on the scanner by manipulating different materials : diluted acrylic, colored oils, sands, plastic, wax, threads, variegated fabrics etc.



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    Sans titre-1

    2012 – acrylic, oil, acetone, nail polish, ink, ecoline, wood paint, cotton – 2 x 3 m 


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    Part of Partes Extra Partes
    Part of Partes Extra Partes

    2019 – acrylic, oil, ecoline and ink – 2 x 1,50 m


    Piece from the Partes Extra Partes exhibition
    Ferme de La Chapelle, Ville de Lancy


    While screens invade our lives and images dematerialized in a virtual ‘cloud’, Simon Rimaz and Abigail Janjic propose to put material at the centre of their work. At the Ferme de la Chapelle they explore the physical and abstract reality of images, their ways of appearing and their dissemination. The Latin term partes extra partes leads us to a philosophical questioning of the structure of the world and those that live in it, on the opposition between fragmented nature and the disunity of things, and the concepts of harmony and cohesion. What ensues from this, notably, is the capacity for transformation of the material and the images, which then take on a perceptible and concrete form in the exhibition.
    Gabrielle Boder / Art Historian / Curator


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